Stehekin Valley Ranch (SVR)

My mom treated me to an amazing birthday experience by chartering a helicopter to take us from the town of Chelan on the southern tip of Lake Chelan to The Stehekin Valley Ranch nine miles outside of Stehekin on the Northern tip of the lake. The flight was an amazing experience in it own right, but it was just the transport to the true beauty of the weekend. We landed on the field at Stehekin Valley Ranch (SVR) and were greeted by its humble own who lovingly referred to himself as "Just the Gardener". He showed us our cabin and escorted us to check in where we were again greeted by more friendly and hospital staff. Ate breakfast and then set off on adventures. That evening when we returned we had an amazing meal in the communal hall and shared storied with other travelers yearning for solitude. SVR has plenty of that, with no cell service and limited wi-fi it is essentially an electronic blackout zone, which means no emails from work, no text messages you're not looking forward to reading. Just the sound of a raging river, and wind in the leaves of oak trees. The following morning we grabbed cleaned our rooms, checked out and grabbed breakfast, but we still had 7 hours to kill before the helicopter came to pick us up so we hopped on what is essentially a guided tour of a bus ride into town. We stopped first at Rainbow falls which is beautiful, though I was told at 9am that the best time of day to see the rainbow for which it takes its namesake is around the Golden Hour, which sadly we'll be missing. Nevertheless the falls are beautiful and it looks like there could be a lot of potential for good fun. After getting misted pretty nicely by the falls we left and stopped by The Old School, and cabin turned primary school with just one room that was used for over 100 years an went out of commission in 2005. I got outta there quick because I wasn't trying to get stuck with any homework. As we made our way along we stopped at the local Garden which was wholly organic and was pollenated by the gardeners bees. He made a wide variety of tinctures that he made while coinciding with a New Moon. The guy new his shit. Next stop was the FAMOUS Stehekin Bakery. Walking through the doors of this place was incredible. The smell of fresh baked cinnamon rolls permeated through the warm woody interior. I'll take 4 thank you. Back on the bus where we made the last stop on this quick tour at "The Landing", which is where the ferry boat "Lady of the Lake" brings people from Chelan looking to visit. Peasants. I rented a kayak and set out with Greg Gustafson. Greg is a super cool dude, he was knocking somethings off his bucket list, and as he killed time invited me to join him kill time. We set off with really nice calm waters to the other side of the lake where there are petroglyphs on the rock face. We checked them out and by the time we were done the entire lake had begun white-capping. This was not nearly as fun getting back as it was getting there. Im happy to say neither Greg nor I fell in. Just as quickly as we were back on shore Greg was on the next ferry to Chelan then Wenatchee to close out his Bucket-list item, and my mom and I hopped on the bus back to SVR. We finished our time there by sitting on the porch of the Ranch listening for the sound of an approaching helicopter amid the sound of a raging river, and wind in the leaves of oak trees

52 week Photo Challenge

A couple of friends and I are shooting a little challenge amongst ourselves, and ill be posting my weekly images here. We have a list of subjects/ideas to shoot each week and will do our best to keep up with the challenge.

New Website

The new website is up and running! After a long hiatus and a new domain, I'm back with new content. I'll be updating this page after each project, and photo mission. The main purpose of this site is to promote my work, and hopefully get some work out of it, so with quality images, and content I plan to make it happen.